Here’s an amaz­ing and com­pre­hens­ive break­down of the “Dwarf Lord” Mine­craft video. You might want to take a look at the fin­ished product first, check it out here: 

Did this look real to you. Real in the sense “this must have been part of that game”? Well, it wasn’t, the whole clip is an elab­or­ate VFX-piece. Above you can watch the full 15 minute break­down. This just makes me won­der how much this year’s new XBox and Play­sta­tion “game­play” foot­age might have been “enhanced”.

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  1. 17 Jul 13 at 05:23

    Thanks for shar­ing my work. It really means a lot to see people appre­ci­at­ing the effort I put into these VFX videos. Between you and me, theres another dwarf video in the works right now.

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