This incred­ible tech­no­logy demon­stra­tion from nVIDIA is quite rel­ev­ant to the future of anim­a­tion tools. A paper called “Real Time Dynamic Frac­ture with Volu­met­ric Approx­im­ate Con­vex Decom­pos­i­tions” describes the tech­no­logy behind this real-time destruc­tion sim­u­la­tion. I still remem­ber fid­dling with Ray­fire and wait­ing for the sim­u­la­tion to cal­cu­late. This will prob­ably go a lot faster in the future, again open­ing new cre­at­ive pos­sib­il­it­ies for VFX artists.

nVIDIA Switzer­land is still work­ing on improv­ing the sim­u­la­tion, adding col­lapsing struc­tures to the mix to enhace realism.

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