Elefant Studios Film/VFX Reel 2012

Switzer­land isn’t exactly know as a VFX-haven, but when the Swiss do some­thing, they do it right. Case in point is this strong VFX showreel by Ele­fant Stu­dio. But be warned, most scenes in here are pretty dark and might send a shiver down your spine.

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Captain America: The First Avenger Breakdowns

“…and then the hero fol­lows him bare­foot.” — “Bare­foot? Are you mad!? We’ll do it in the post!”

This is how I ima­gine the dis­cus­sion that even­tu­ally led to The Sen­ate VFX hav­ing to digit­ally replace actor Chris Evan’s feet in numer­ous shots dur­ing a chase sequence early in the movie. They replaced pretty much everything else as well, lead­ing to the ques­tion if mod­ern super­hero films should fall into the cat­egory “live action” or rather “animation”.

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Snippets: realflow lava layers

“I’m still going to melt every city on the planet with liquid hot magma. Mhwuhahahaha!”

If Aus­tin Powers had taken a turn for the dark we might have seen some­thing along the lines of this real­flow lava-simulation. It con­tains a very nice break­down of the used lay­ers as well, so enjoy.

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Martin Gunnarsson Rigging Reel 2012

Mar­tin Gun­narsson is a man of many tal­ents, char­ac­ter rig­ging just being one of them. Of the rigs shown here the car­toon pen­guin is def­in­itely the star of the show: it’s an extremely flex­ible rig and just seems to handle any­thing fine an anim­ator can throw at it. I still remem­ber a time where Pixar was happy to even be able to deform char­ac­ters, now it’s just some­thing you do.

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The digital rain to rule them all

Adding rain to a scene might not sound like the most demand­ing VFX-job, but it’s actu­ally quite hard to get right. This little scene from aptly named Splat Stu­dio is the best I have ever seen in this par­tic­u­lar category.

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The VFX of: Life of Pi

Need I say more about Life of Pi? The Daily has the VFX fea­tur­ette and it’s embed­ded here for your view­ing pleasure.

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The water simulations of Battleship

“Battle­ship? Well, the VFX were really good.” I think I’ll leave it at that. ILM is releas­ing new videos this month and this will prob­ably be as good a look at the insane water sim­u­la­tions for Battle­ship as we’ll ever get. Watch it while it’s still wet!

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Snippets: compositing an outdoor crowd in a virtual WW2 environment

Here’s another snip­pet: a nice demon­stra­tion of the lay­ers involved in com­pos­it­ing a basic­ally vir­tual out­door shot. There’s really a lot going on here, from a 3D city to a crowd of people, so watch closely or you might miss some­thing. This break­down is very well made, too, I wish more break­downs looked like it.

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Snippets: a very short breakdown of a digital ocean

Today we intro­duce our new “Snip­pets” cat­egory: these are videos which are really, really short, but still show some­thing extremely inter­est­ing. We start off with this break­down of an ocean scene from “Kon Tiki” (of which you can see much more detailed break­downs here).

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Behind the scenes of

If you want to hear Chris Cun­ning­ham tell how he was con­ver­ted to a believer in CGI, you might want to watch this 7 minute video. It’s a nice account of both Björk and Mr. Cun­ning­ham him­self describ­ing how they pulled of Björk’s clas­sic “All is Full of Love”  mas­ter­piece. There’s also lot’s of behind the scenes foot­age and CGI wire­frames in here. Since I first saw the ori­ginal I always wondered how much was actu­ally filmed and how much of it (if much at all) was CGI.  Now I know and so will you.

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