Swiffer 'Bionic' Vfx Breakdown

Watch­ing an artist describe his pro­cess is the best way to learn how to cre­ate VFX shots. In this 10 minute video Matt Jack­son talks in great detail about tiny shot for a Swif­fer com­mer­cial and reveals a whole world of ideas, pro­cesses and tech­niques. It’s really quite fas­cin­at­ing, and the amount of work in rela­tion to the length of the shot is just staggering.

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All the lens flares you could possibly want

In our ongo­ing quest to bring you the most unique spe­cialty VFX videos we found a true gem: a com­plete col­lec­tion of real lens-flare foot­age by Peter Pre­vec. This is not only and invalu­able asset if you want to cre­ate your own CGI lens flares but also a nice med­it­a­tion exer­cise. Believe me, you will relax watch­ing this. let me see »

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Making of:

For Sci­ence! Here’s another fant­astic look behind the scenes at Ana­log Lon­don. You really have to see it for your­self, they’re mod­el­ling the hell out of their objects and the res­ults are noth­ing short of brilliant.

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Painting reality back into realistic scenes

You won’t believe how much of these very real­istic look­ing scenes is actu­ally digit­ally painted. Cali­fon­r­nian stu­dio Roto­Fact­ory does much of this most basic of VFX work which is never really seen and thus never really appre­ci­ated by audiences.

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The VFX of Cloverfield

If you have 20 minutes to spare I’d recom­mend you watch this nice doc­u­ment­ary about the VFX of J. J. Abrams’ “Clover­field”. When this movie ori­gin­ally came out I couldn’t ima­gine how they had done many of the scenes. It turns out it’s all just good plan­ning, per­fect track­ing and extremely good 3D-animation and com­pos­it­ing. The res­ult is still stun­ning, even 4 years later.

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Swipepot Desktab - small scale VFX production

Here’s a short look behind the scenes of a small-scale VFX shoot. These are the kinds of pro­jects you’ll much more likely come across dur­ing your daily work in VFX for mar­ket­ing. This pro­ject here from Stu­dio Ana­loog is very well done and really shows what’s import­ant if you need to get your shot right the first time.

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Men In Black 3: the Apollo rocket launch

I finally watched MiB 3 and thank­fully it was bet­ter then I expec­ted. And while the whole look of the film doesn’t really go for real­ism there’s still incred­ible atten­tion to detail and indi­vidual scenes are lov­ingly craf­ted. A true clas­sic is the Apollo rocket launch, a scene we’re bound to see over and over again in VFX-heavy films. Sony Image­works take on it is nice, as you will see in this little VFX break­down clip.

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Borgia - Comprehensive VFX breakdowns

I haven’t watched “Bor­gia” myself, but I heard it’s a lot like game of thrones: gra­tu­it­ous amounts of sex, viol­ence and intrigue wrapped in a beau­ti­ful his­tor­ical set­ting. These VFX break­downs by LA-based stu­dio The Molecule let me believe this might be true, so I’ll prob­ably have to give it a try after all.

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The user interfaces of Iron Man 2

Old but gold: I can hardly believe I’ve only now found these break­downs of the Iron Man 2 user inter­faces. They were cre­ated at Per­cep­tion, a New York based motion graph­ics & VFX stu­dio that designed, anim­ated and com­pos­ited over 125 shots in this VFX block­buster. The scope of work fea­tures ori­ginal designs and inter­faces for Tony Stark’s next gen­er­a­tion glass smart phone, cof­fee table and mir­ror, as well as on-air graph­ics for CSPAN broad­casts, and a full pack­age for Monaco’s F1 Race. Per­cep­tion also cre­ated the fully anim­ated Stark Expo sequence that was pro­jec­ted across a 74 foot screen and used in the filming.

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The Battleship VFX breakdowns

In case you haven’t seen them yet, here are the incred­ible Battle­ship VFX break­downs. What can you even say to these? It’s VFX-stuff of the highest order, straight from ILM. This is way bet­ter than suf­fer­ing through the actual movie!

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