I still meet people who think cre­at­ing 3D anim­a­tion is easier than film­ing the real thing. “But the com­puter does all the work” they usu­ally say. Next time I’ll show them this pro­gres­sion break­down of a scene from Disney’s Tangled. There are so many steps and iter­a­tions involved to just anim­ate char­ac­ters, and this is really just one part in the big­ger pic­ture, where shad­ing, light­ing envir­on­ments and char­ac­ter anim­a­tion rigs have to be cre­ated. Admit­tedly, there are scen­arios where going 3D may be cheaper than film­ing, but when it comes to char­ac­ter anim­a­tion this is almost never the case.

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