As every year the SIGGRAPH papers and present­a­tions offer an excit­ing glimpse into the future cap­ab­il­it­ies of our favor­ite 3D-suites. There are some out­stand­ing tech­no­lo­gies just around the hori­zon and I want to start our cov­er­age of them with this video on “Stitch Meshes for Mod­el­ing Knit­ted Cloth­ing with Yarn-level Detail”. It’s about woolly sweat­ers, actually.

The amount of work and detail going into some­thing seem­ingly mundane like a sweater is just stag­ger­ing. Even more stag­ger­ing is the fact that someone actu­ally takes the time and effort to cre­ate a com­plete tool­chain for sim­u­lat­ing this.

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