George Man­o­lache, a self-taught CG artist and graphic designer from Romania, deliv­ers the most styl­ized CGI break­down I have ever come across. The whole video is not only about a beau­ti­ful pro­ject (a BMW concept car), but the visu­al­iz­a­tion of the under­ly­ing CG-tech must have been almost as com­plex as cre­at­ing the ori­ginal anim­a­tion. It’s quite a thing to behold.

  1. Paul
    25 Jan 13 at 17:18

    The video is private on You­tube. Here’s a Link to it on Vimeo:

  2. konrad
    25 Jan 13 at 22:15

    Thanks a bunch, I added the Vimeo version.

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