In the world of pro­fes­sional 3D some tools just refuse to die. These days there are so many options to pro­duce high-fidelity CGI anim­a­tions one might won­der why some of the older (or ‘clas­sic’) pack­ages, like Sof­tim­age, are still around. But when you take a deeper look at some of the infra­struc­ture around these pro­grams, you get an idea why artists refuse to let them go.  Eric Mootz writes plu­gins exclus­ively for Sof­tim­age that are so power­ful they might jus­tify get­ting the base pro­gram just to be able to use them. Take a look at his emPoly­gon­izer for example. There might be sim­ilar solu­tions for other 3d-suites, but I won­der if they are as full fea­tured and elegant.

Don’t for­get to watch the demo-videos for some of his other plu­gins, he has incred­ible tools for particles, flu­ids and dynam­ics as well.

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