I must admit it: I love “invisible”-VFX break­downs. The sur­prise of find­ing out how many tiny or big details in seem­ingly “pure” shots have been altered is always stun­ning. These break­downs from the Argen­tinian Film “The Secret of their Eyes” is a prime example of how it’s done. I’m not sure if I like this trend from an artistic per­spect­ive, though. There is a cer­tain qual­ity of “real” shots that seem to get diluted by adding VFX to them, even if they are invisible.


The images show­cased rep­res­ent the pro­fes­sional work of Rodrigo Tomasso –vfx designer/supervisor– and Mar­celo Gar­cía –vfx pro­du­cer– for the film “The Secret in their Eyes”.

The vfx pro­ject was done at “100 Bares Pro­duc­ciones” where they were the Heads of the Vfx Depart­ment dur­ing 2006–2009. This vfx break­down reel intends to show ONER Vfx’s tech­nical and artistic exper­i­ence only, not to take comer­cial cred­its. The final images of the film “The Secret in their Eyes” con­tained in this vfx break­down shall retain their respect­ive copyrights.

Images cour­tesy of 100 Bares Producciones.

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