Sony Pic­tures Image­works’ “Surf’s Up” is one of the few anim­ated movies I would recom­mend to any­one without a second thought. It was pro­duced dur­ing the short time in the late 2000’s (2007 to be exact) when full CG-animated films were a field where fresh ideas met fant­astic budgets. There’s a whole lot of inter­est­ing stuff about this movie, but prob­ably the most ground­break­ing tech­nical aspect were the waves. Few films have since cap­tured the feel­ing of a vast ocean and huge bod­ies of water. In this far too short video one can at least get a glimpse at how this was achieved.

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  1. 16 Nov 12 at 13:30

    To me, this looks way bet­ter than Sky­line. Sky­line looks like a rigame­ing of Inde­pend­ence Day while this has a more grit­tier take on the inva­sion storyline. I would rather see some­thing like this with good act­ors involved than some­thing like Sky­line. By the way, had no idea the same visual FX team worked on both films.

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