Old but gold: I can hardly believe I’ve only now found these break­downs of the Iron Man 2 user inter­faces. They were cre­ated at Per­cep­tion, a New York based motion graph­ics & VFX stu­dio that designed, anim­ated and com­pos­ited over 125 shots in this VFX block­buster. The scope of work fea­tures ori­ginal designs and inter­faces for Tony Stark’s next gen­er­a­tion glass smart phone, cof­fee table and mir­ror, as well as on-air graph­ics for CSPAN broad­casts, and a full pack­age for Monaco’s F1 Race. Per­cep­tion also cre­ated the fully anim­ated Stark Expo sequence that was pro­jec­ted across a 74 foot screen and used in the filming.

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