What do you do to relax after a day of cre­at­ing VFX? How about cre­at­ing MUCH MORE VFX? An artist call­ing him­self “John Smith” suprised every­one with a “Doc­tor Who Anniversary”-trailer entirely made up from exist­ing and pub­lic foot­age. This in itself would be quite an achieve­ment, but hey, John Smith doesn’t take the “easy” road. He also con­ver­ted everything into full ste­reo­scopic 3D, because why not? You can see the fin­ished trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD997i_89RM

  • artist/studio: John Smith
  1. 2 Jul 13 at 06:59

    Oh Man!.….….

    Anim­a­tion on still Images. They look very realistic.

    I have never seen this kind of work in years. Its amaz­ing.
    Great work..
    Plz share tips & tricks. & website/blog link of yours.

  2. 7 Oct 13 at 19:08

    Great job. No CG; old school style. I want a tutorial or two by this anon­im­ous guy.

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